Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Heart Beach Print

Here is one of the finished prints I did of my art piece I now call "Heart Beach."  The screen printing process is definitely a process that takes me awhile to do, at least compared to the rest of the students in class, but I enjoy the learning process and look forward to getting better.  The colors turned out to be a bit on the pinkish side but the effects of imperfection is one that I gladly accept with open arms.  The feel to have a one of a kind artwork is in my hands again.  It has been difficult to have that connection with digital images working with photoshop.  Coming from an animators background, animators feel that every drawing has a connection and emotion as soon as the pencil hits the paper and these prints re-kindle those feelings for me.  I will remember to back away from the computer and work with materials more often!

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