Wednesday, January 27, 2010

B-314 Dragonfly

So I have been trying to re-teach myself Maya the last few months and focus on efx animation in Maya. In order to show my skills in a reel I realized that I had to create a short excuse to show efx animation because the elements work alongside character animation as well. I thought of a ship flying in the mountain and in the sky and went with it. Seems like the project is getting bigger by the day because there is no such thing as a small project in Maya. We will see if a short reel will turn into a short film....? But the challenge is so fun. Here is my thought process on my ship. I am realizing that 2D is much easier than 3D, but it forces you to think ahead, which is cool and fun! I seem to be influenced by Japanese art all the time so that's always interesting and then there's always the Pirate ship aspect and of course the old skool war planes are awesome. I am eager to start the EFX animation and I know the process through Maya will be rough n dirty. Wish me luck,... if you're out there! I will post updates when I have 'em.